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Fueltronic's V6 similarly controls when the motor starts and stops, just like its standalone V4. The wireless V6 master device has more technology features that enable you to authenticate with more security, like biometrics, facial recognition, number plates, and license discs.


This Android Mobile Computer line has always offered a solid performance. Highlights, are its 2D megapixel barcode scanner and Android 8.1 operating system. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth, 4G, Dual band Wi-Fi, making communication with other devices both quick and easy. The rugged housing of the device is sealed to IP65 standards for protection against dust and water and withstands 1.2m drops to concrete. 1D & 2D, Android 8.1, IP65, Megapixel



Engineering has been the passion since the beginning in 2007. Over the past decade, we developed technology tools to enhance management and security for the fuel industry. Moving forward and not looking back is our mantra. The exciting times are now, and we're committed to bringing eco-friendly solutions that benefit everyone.




A logical hardware interface is the main controller. This is where all the data is captured before the motor starts fueling. Additionally, the controller sends fuel transactions to your cloud account.

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