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Welcome to FueltronicV6

Fueltronic is a technology company that provides management tools for the fuel industry to manage their fuel and vehicle consumption. We also offer an opportunity for our customers to trade in the Forex markets by joining our Discord community.

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Our Mission

At Fueltronic, we are dedicated to providing the best technological solutions for the fuel industry. We believe that our tools can help our clients increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field and is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services.


What We Offer

Fueltronic provides a range of management tools for the fuel industry, including fuel consumption tracking, vehicle and video telematics management.

Efficient Workflows

Our tools are designed to streamline workflows and increase efficiency. With our software, you can manage your fuel and vehicle data in one place, saving you time and reducing errors.

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All-In-One Solution

FueltronicV6 is an all-in-one solution for fuel and vehicle management. Our tools are designed to be flexible and scalable, so that they can grow with your business.

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Online Customer Support

At FueltronicV6, we understand that our clients need support around the clock. That's why we offer online customer support to ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

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Smart Automation Tools

Our tools are equipped with smart automation features that help you save time and reduce errors. With FueltronicV6, you can automate your fuel and vehicle management processes and focus on growing your business.

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Fueltronic provides a range of hardware equipment for your business in order to get all your data in one place with pin point accuracy.


Fueltronic V6

Scanning a license disk to start the fuel pump offers several advantages over traditional methods of fuel pump activation. Here are a few reasons why it is better: Convenience and Time-saving: Scanning a license disk is a quick and efficient process that eliminates the need for manual entry or authentication methods. It simplifies the fueling process, allowing drivers to start the pump with a simple scan. This convenience translates into time savings, especially in situations where multiple vehicles need to refuel quickly, such as in fleet management scenarios. Accuracy and Error Reduction: Manual entry of information, such as entering a license plate number, can be prone to human errors. Scanning the license disk removes the possibility of mistyping or misreading characters, ensuring accurate data capture. This helps prevent fueling errors, such as fueling the wrong vehicle or incorrect mileage tracking. Enhanced Security: Scanning a license disk adds an additional layer of security to the fueling process. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the fuel pump by validating the vehicle's identity through the license disk. This prevents fuel theft, misuse, or unauthorized fueling by individuals without the corresponding vehicle. Integration with Vehicle Data: License disk scanning can be integrated with vehicle data systems, such as fleet management software or databases. By scanning the license disk, relevant information about the vehicle, such as mileage, fuel consumption, or maintenance records, can be automatically accessed and recorded. This integration provides comprehensive vehicle management capabilities, enabling better tracking and analysis of fueling activities. Audit Trail and Reporting: Scanning the license disk provides a digital record of fueling transactions, creating an audit trail for accountability and reporting purposes. It allows for easy retrieval of data related to fuel consumption, costs, and usage patterns. This information is valuable for fleet management, cost analysis, and regulatory compliance. Future-proof Technology: License disk scanning utilizes modern technology, such as optical character recognition (OCR) or barcode scanning, which can be easily integrated with existing fuel pump systems. This ensures compatibility with evolving technologies and future enhancements, allowing for seamless upgrades and system expansions. In summary, scanning a license disk to start the fuel pump offers advantages in terms of convenience, accuracy, security, integration with vehicle data, audit trail capabilities, and future-proof technology. It streamlines the fueling process, enhances data accuracy, improves security, and provides valuable insights for efficient fuel management.


Having road and in-cab cameras in vehicles used for transport provides several important benefits. Here are some reasons why they are considered crucial: Safety and Accident Prevention: Road cameras capture real-time footage of the vehicle's surroundings, helping to enhance safety on the road. They can detect and record potential hazards, reckless driving behaviors, and road conditions. This footage can be used for training purposes, identifying risky driving habits, and preventing accidents. In-cab cameras, on the other hand, monitor the driver's behavior, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and promoting responsible driving practices. Incident Investigation and Liability Protection: In the event of an accident, having video evidence from road and in-cab cameras can be invaluable for investigating the incident accurately. The footage can help determine the cause of the accident, identify responsible parties, and assess liability. This evidence is crucial for insurance claims, legal proceedings, and protecting the reputation of the transport company. Driver Training and Performance Evaluation: Road and in-cab cameras provide an opportunity for continuous driver training and performance evaluation. By reviewing the captured footage, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement, offer targeted training, and promote safe driving practices. This helps to enhance driver skills, reduce accidents, and ensure compliance with regulations. Theft Prevention and Security: Cameras act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism. Road cameras can record any suspicious activity around the vehicle, while in-cab cameras can monitor the interior of the vehicle and its cargo. This provides an added layer of security, protecting both the vehicle and its contents. Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Road and in-cab cameras offer insights into vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and route optimization. By analyzing the footage, fleet managers can identify areas of inefficiency, optimize routes, and improve overall operational efficiency. This leads to cost savings through reduced fuel consumption, better vehicle maintenance, and optimized logistics. Driver Accountability and Dispute Resolution: Cameras promote driver accountability by capturing their actions and behaviors. In case of disputes, such as customer complaints or conflicts with law enforcement, the recorded footage can serve as evidence to resolve the issue quickly and accurately. Compliance with Regulations: In some jurisdictions, the use of road and in-cab cameras is mandatory for certain types of transport operations. Having these cameras installed ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and legal consequences. In summary, road and in-cab cameras play a vital role in improving safety, accident prevention, incident investigation, driver training, theft prevention, operational efficiency, and compliance. They provide valuable video evidence, enhance driver accountability, and contribute to overall security and performance in the transport industry.



Connecting a tracking device to your vehicle's CANBUS (Controller Area Network Bus) is important because it allows for valuable information about the vehicle's performance and status to be collected and transmitted to the cloud. The CANBUS is a network that enables communication between various electronic control units (ECUs) within a vehicle, such as the engine control unit, transmission control unit, and ABS system. By tapping into the CANBUS, a tracking device can gather real-time data on numerous parameters, including engine speed, vehicle speed, fuel consumption, odometer readings, diagnostic trouble codes, and more. This information can be incredibly useful for fleet management, vehicle maintenance, and improving overall operational efficiency. Here are a few key reasons why connecting the tracking device to the vehicle's CANBUS and transmitting the data to the cloud is important: Accurate and up-to-date information: By directly accessing the CANBUS, the tracking device can retrieve accurate and real-time data from the vehicle's various systems. This ensures that the information collected is current, allowing for precise monitoring and analysis. Comprehensive vehicle insights: The data obtained from the CANBUS offers a comprehensive view of the vehicle's performance, health, and usage patterns. This includes factors like fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, fault codes, and even driver behavior. Such insights help in optimizing fuel efficiency, identifying maintenance needs, and assessing driver performance. Proactive maintenance and diagnostics: With access to real-time diagnostic information from the CANBUS, the tracking device can detect potential issues and alert the vehicle owner or fleet manager promptly. This allows for proactive maintenance scheduling, minimizing downtime, and preventing costly repairs. Enhanced security and anti-theft features: By integrating with the CANBUS, the tracking device can monitor and detect unauthorized activity, such as engine start/stop events, abnormal driving patterns, or tampering with vehicle components. This enables advanced security features and anti-theft measures, including remote immobilization and geofencing. Cloud-based analytics and reporting: Transmitting the collected data to the cloud enables powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Fleet managers and vehicle owners can access detailed insights, generate performance reports, track trends over time, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. In summary, connecting a tracking device to the vehicle's CANBUS and transmitting the information to the cloud is crucial for accessing real-time, comprehensive vehicle data. It empowers fleet managers and vehicle owners with accurate insights, proactive maintenance capabilities, enhanced security features, and the ability to leverage cloud-based analytics for optimizing operational efficiency.


BTL Fuel Sensor

Connecting the fuel level sensor to your tracking device via Bluetooth offers several important advantages in the context of vehicle tracking and management. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial: Accurate Fuel Monitoring: By integrating the fuel level sensor with the tracking device, you can obtain real-time and accurate information about the fuel level in the vehicle's tank. This data helps in monitoring fuel consumption, detecting anomalies, and managing fuel usage effectively. Preventing Fuel Theft and Unauthorized Usage: Bluetooth connectivity allows for continuous monitoring of the fuel level in the tank. It enables alerts to be sent to the tracking device if there is a sudden drop in fuel level, indicating potential fuel theft or unauthorized usage. This helps in taking immediate action and preventing losses. Optimizing Fuel Efficiency: With real-time fuel level information, you can analyze and optimize fuel efficiency. By tracking fuel consumption patterns, identifying excessive fuel usage, and making data-driven decisions, you can implement strategies to improve fuel efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. Predictive Maintenance: Integrating the fuel level sensor with the tracking device enables proactive maintenance scheduling. By analyzing fuel consumption patterns and correlating them with other vehicle data, such as engine diagnostics and usage patterns, you can predict maintenance needs and schedule servicing accordingly. This helps in preventing unexpected breakdowns, optimizing vehicle performance, and reducing downtime. Data Integration and Reporting: Bluetooth connectivity between the fuel level sensor and tracking device allows for seamless integration of fuel data with other vehicle data. This integrated data can be transmitted to the cloud or a central system for comprehensive reporting and analysis. Fleet managers and vehicle owners can access detailed fuel reports, track trends, and make informed decisions based on the consolidated data. Remote Monitoring and Alerts: Bluetooth connectivity enables remote monitoring of the fuel level in the vehicle's tank. It allows fleet managers or owners to receive alerts or notifications on their tracking devices or mobile devices when the fuel level reaches a critical point or falls below a specified threshold. This ensures timely action and prevents fuel-related issues. Streamlined Workflow and Automation: Integrating the fuel level sensor with the tracking device streamlines the workflow by automating data collection and monitoring. Manual checking and recording of fuel levels are eliminated, saving time and effort. The seamless connectivity also allows for automatic updates and synchronization of fuel data, reducing administrative tasks. In summary, connecting the fuel level sensor to the tracking device via Bluetooth enhances fuel monitoring, prevents theft, optimizes fuel efficiency, enables predictive maintenance, facilitates data integration and reporting, enables remote monitoring and alerts, and streamlines workflow. This integration provides valuable insights, improves efficiency, reduces costs, and helps in better managing fuel-related aspects of the vehicle.

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Software Toolkit

Fueltronic Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of management tools for the fuel industry. Our software is designed to be easy to use and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Advanced Fuel Management

Secure Data Storage

Easy Data Access

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Industries Serviced

Our clients rely on us to provide the best management solutions for their businesses.

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Courier Services
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Agri Culture
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Public Transport

Forex Trading

We offer a complete Forex strategy course in our discord should you want to become part of the trading community.





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Maximize your fuel and vehicle management efficiency with FueltronicV6. Join our Discord community to access our Forex trading opportunities and all nondisclosure documents, strategies and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news.

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